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Health of the mouth is closely linked to many other areas of health, including the heart.

We recognize you have many choices of dentists in the Southern Milwaukee area.  At Bay View, our dentists work hard to bring the best of dental care to you.  Together we'll work with you, and those in your care, to take the best care of your oral health.

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One of the ways we work at being the best dentists in Bay View and Southern Milwaukee is to adapt our care to your preferences.  Like anybody, our dentists come from a variety of backgrounds.  We recognize that our patients also come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences that influence their level of comfort at the dentist.  Be sure to let your dentist or dental hygienist know if you find things are getting too uncomfortable for your liking.

Please call us today to schedule an appointment, whether you need an initial examination and cleaning, emergency treatment, consultation or a second opinion (the latter two are both free of charge).  You’ll find us conveniently located in Bay View, a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

"We reserve the right to charge for appointments cancelled or broken without 24 hours advanced notice and possible dismissal from the office with multiple missed appointments"

If it is convenient, you may bring in the following registration and health history forms filled out.  You can just drop them off at the Bay View office.  If you like, you may also fill them out in the waiting room of our Bay View office prior to your appointment.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time if all the paperwork has been filled out ahead of time. If you prefer to fill out the paperwork while in our office, please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment.

This "health history" helps us build a robust treatment plan which takes into account any relevant health events or circumstances.

Briefly, here is what the forms are for:

  • The Patient Info and Dental History forms are to be filled out for all new  patients. 

  • If an entire family or members of the family are becoming new patients, each new patient should have the forms completed.

  • By signing the patient information form, you acknowledge that you have read and are aware of our privacy policy and how Bay View Dental Care professionally manages your confidential and personal information. If you have any questions about our policies, please ask and we will be more than happy to explain.

Patient Info

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